Top things to do

There are so many ways to spend your time in Quang Nam. Head to the beach for hours in the sun, get pleasantly lost in the alleys of the Ancient Town, explore local food in the markets and street stalls, dive deep into stories of the past, or challenge yourself in our wild nature reserves. Read about a few of our favorite things to do in Quang Nam in these stories.


Culture is around every corner and down every narrow alley in Quang Nam. Take time to experience the slower pace of life in the Vietnamese countryside, step back a few centuries in Quang Nam’s well-preserved heritage attractions, or go on a guided exploration into ethnic cultures and craft villages.

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Being surrounded by nature is an everyday experience in Quang Nam. Have your pick of sunkissed beaches, verdant rice fields, forested mountains, or serene riverside. Some of the best moments you’ll have in Quang Nam will come from simply being with nature. And there’s still so much to discover.

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Quang Nam’s exquisite food is a worthwhile reason to visit on its own. Dining on slurp-worthy noodles and fluffy chicken rice at Hoi An’s sidewalk stalls is a must. But dig a little deeper and you’ll reach the source: dewy vegetable gardens, eye-popping markets, and quaint fishing villages.

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Quang Nam is not known as a destination for beaches, but that’s what makes its beaches all the more special. Along the 125-kilometer coast, humble fishing villages offer warm hospitality, soft sands, and blissful tranquility; while the Cham Islands deliver some of the most memorable snorkeling and diving adventures in Vietnam.

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If your goal on holiday is to restore balance, Quang Nam will support you all the way. Wellness here covers everything from nutritious meals to healing spices, restoring treatments to gentle movement. Your health will expand with every breath of fresh air and moment of relaxation.

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Join in the fun at Quang Nam’s special events and festivals to celebrate the province’s heritage.  Check out what’s going on in and around Hoi An right here.