Beaches in Quang Nam

An Bang is the heart of Quang Nam’s beach scene, and the perfect place to spend time in the sun, dine on freshly caught seafood, and relax in boutique resorts. Also in Hoi An, Tan Thanh Beach and the gorgeous shores of the Cham Islands are ideal spots for a peaceful getaway. Further down the coast, colorful fishing villages and powdery sands await on Tam Thanh Beach and Tam Tien Beach. Find inspiration for your next beach vacation in these stories.

5 reasons you’ll love kayaking in Hoi An

Hoi An’s waterways are a source of life for the town. The Thu Bon River provides the local people with food, building materials, a means of transport, and a never-ending display…

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5 reasons Hoi An is the perfect beach getaway

There’s nothing like a beach holiday for slowing down and savoring life’s pleasures. On the warm, bright days in Hoi An, the sun dances off deep green palms, turquoise waves crash…

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Relax like a local on Hoi An’s best beaches

Vietnamese hit the beach in the early mornings and late afternoons. At sunrise, locals jog and stroll on the sand, or swim laps in the calm water. In the late afternoons, the…

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A traveler’s guide to the best of the Cham Islands

Although this archipelago is just 22 kilometers across the water from Hoi An, its coastline and scenery are strikingly different. Instead of facing east to the open sea, the bays…

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Get to know more about the best beaches and islands in Quang Nam.

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