Beaches in Quang Nam

An Bang is the heart of Quang Nam’s beach scene, and the perfect place to spend time in the sun, dine on freshly caught seafood, and relax in boutique resorts. Also in Hoi An, Tan Thanh Beach and the gorgeous shores of the Cham Islands are ideal spots for a peaceful getaway. Further down the coast, colorful fishing villages and powdery sands await on Tam Thanh Beach and Tam Tien Beach. Find inspiration for your next beach vacation in these stories.

A beach day on Tan Thanh

Sure, An Bang has been stealing the spotlight as Hoi An’s most popular beach for years. But the quieter Tan Thanh doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, Tan Thanh’s under-the-radar…

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9 awesome beach bars for your Hoi An holiday

While it’s tempting to spend every minute of your holiday checking out all the cool things to do and places to explore in Hoi An, sometimes you just want a lazy afternoon by the…

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7 of Hoi An’s best beach resorts

You’re lying on a sunlounger under the palm trees. Gentle waves are lapping on the soft sand. The tropical sun is shining overhead and the sky is a brilliant shade of blue. The…

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7 reasons you’ll love exploring the Cham Islands

The Cham Islands is one of Vietnam’s best-kept secrets. Not many travelers know that 22 kilometers from Hoi An is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with fascinating history, serene…

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