There’s nothing like a beach holiday for slowing down and savoring life’s pleasures. On the warm, bright days in Hoi An, the sun dances off deep green palms, turquoise waves crash on the shore, and the hours slip by in a lazy rhythm. If a beach getaway is what you’re looking for, here are five great reasons to choose Hoi An and Quang Nam for your next vacation.

Beautiful boutique resorts and family-run homestays

Staying in a special space is a big part of the fun in a beach vacation. Hoi An has a surprising variety of beautiful places for you to choose from. Along An Bang and Tan Thanh beaches, many affordable resorts and homestays offer rooms just a few steps from the sand, often with comfy daybeds, flowering gardens, and lovely swimming pools.

From Ha My beach down to Tam Tien, the long coastline of Quang Nam is dotted with enticing places for sun seekers to stay. Look for boutique hotels such as Dechiu, chic spaces such as The Watermark, and graceful resorts such as Victoria Hoi An. Wherever you go, you can be sure to receive warm and eager hospitality from your Vietnamese hosts.

Diving, snorkeling, and sailing adventures

There’s no shortage of fun ways to get out on the water in Hoi An. On An Bang Beach you can go for thrilling parasail rides, bounce over the waves on a jet ski, or paddle out on a kayak or stand-up paddleboard in the calm early mornings. For a fun adventure, book an hour of sailing on a catamaran to see the whole coast of Hoi An.

The Cham Islands, just an hour by boat from Hoi An, are a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, and boast more than 300 hectares of coral reefs. Enjoy a full-day diving excursion with the friendly instructors at Cham Island Diving Center, join other travelers on a snorkeling day trip, or stay overnight on the islands to find hidden beaches and make friends with the local fishermen.

Delicious fresh seafood and Vietnamese cuisine

Early mornings in Hoi An are for noodle soups with delicate herbs, or Western-style breakfasts overlooking the shoreline. Lunch is usually the biggest feast of the day. Restaurants in An Bang and Cua Dai specialize in preparing freshly caught seafood in delicious dishes, such as clams in lemongrass broth, sweet and sour tamarind prawns, and stuffed grilled squid.

With herb and vegetable gardens all around, as well as duck farms, shrimp ponds, and rice fields, local cooking is a medley of fresh ingredients. Meals are always made with healthy spices and aromatic herbs, and rice – whether noodles, paper or grains – is the star of the show. You can’t go wrong with any of Hoi An’s speciality dishes: Mỳ Quảng, cơm gà, and cao lầu.

TIP: Coffee lovers should give Hoi An’s addictive coconut coffee a try. On hot days, this coffee is the perfect hit of sweetness and flavor.

Easy access to heritage sites, shopping and craft villages

Quang Nam is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Hoi An Ancient Town and My Son Sanctuary. Both are must-visit attractions for anyone who loves journeying back in time. The captivating shophouses, tiny alleys, and striking assembly halls of the Ancient Town offer hours of delightful wandering, while My Son will amaze you with its quietly magnificent temple ruins.

The Ancient Town is also a favorite spot for shopping. Splurge on beguiling tea sets and jewelry at Reaching Out Teahouse, pick up lanterns or spices in the Hoi An public market, or slip into perfectly cut silk and linen garments at Metiseko. If you’re interested in local crafts, Thanh Ha Pottery Village and Kim Bong Wood Carving Village are just a few minutes’ drive away.

Coastal culture and authentic fishing villages

Many people in Quang Nam are fisherfolk, and watching local life unfold at its own pace in the fishing villages is a wonderful part of beach getaways in Hoi An and Quang Nam. Bai Huong on the Cham Islands is a charming fishing village, where everyone owns a boat (or at least basket boat), and locals mend nets every morning on the street corners.

Brightly painted murals and soft white sand have helped Tam Thanh, a quiet village an hour south of Hoi An, to capture the hearts of travelers. Further south, Tam Tien Beach is the location of a colorful and chaotic early morning fish market. Not to be missed, this market is one of the most memorable scenes you’ll find in Quang Nam.

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