Hoi An has many elements for a memorable family holiday: enticing hotels, breezy beaches, beautiful countryside, fantastic food, cultural activities, and active adventures. What makes Hoi An special is the warmth of the local people, who connect to and care for guests of all ages with genuine pleasure. Enjoy the best of Hoi An together with this guide to family holidays in Hoi An.

Family-friendly places to stay in Hoi An

Family-friendly places to stay in Hoi An

Hoi An is a small town, so no matter where you go, you’re only a few minutes’ drive from the beach or the Ancient Town. Book a place in the countryside or on the beach to give your family a special experience of local life, and lots of space to spread out in nature. Hoi An has a wealth of options to choose from, from five-star resorts to small homestays and villas.

Hoi An family-friendly places to stay near the beach

Resorts in An Bang Beach or Tan Thanh Beach are best for families who want to stay close to the water. In Cam Thanh or Cam Chau you’ll be surrounded by peaceful rice paddies and vegetable gardens. Some of our favorite places for family holidays are The Nam Hai Four Seasons, Victoria Beach Resort Hoi An, Silk Sense Resort, An Villa Hoi An, and Tan Thanh Garden Homestay.

cooking classes for families in Hoi An

Crafts and classes for families in Hoi An

Creative workshops and organized classes are a fun way to explore the destination together. Young children can try mask painting in the Ancient Town, and join lantern-making workshops and make their own silk lantern to take home. Older children and teenagers can take part in bamboo workshops, or try their hands at making pottery at Thanh Ha Pottery Village.

family activities in hoi an

Hoi An’s cooking classes are a must-do activity for families. Spend a half-day learning about traditional farming, harvesting fresh herbs and vegetables by hand, riding basket boats, and cooking a tasty Vietnamese meal together. Caman Village and EMIC Travel offer family-friendly cooking classes featuring a walk in an organic herb and vegetable garden.

Active adventures for families Hoi An’s green countryside

Active adventures for families in Hoi An

Kayaking and cycling are two of the best ways to see Hoi An’s green countryside. You can plan your own cycling trip with the help of Google Maps and your hotel concierge, or join a cycling tour for families to find more interesting spots and learn about the local way of life. Most hotels in Hoi An provide free bicycles for guests, but sustainable tour companies such as Grasshopper Tours can set you up with proper bikes and helmets for children.

for families who like to be on the water Hoi An Kayak Tours

For families who like to be on the water, Hoi An Kayak Tours runs wonderful guided kayaking and SUP tours, as well as short sunrise and sunset kayaking excursions on the Thu Bon River. Paddle away on Hoi An’s peaceful rivers in the morning to see fisherfolk riding small sampans and setting fishing traps, and families of ducks and birds gliding on the water.

Best beaches for families in Hoi An

Best beaches for families in Hoi An

Families with children will find plenty to love on Hoi An’s sandy shores. Not only are the local beaches clean, they are still relatively undeveloped, with rows of pine trees or palms for shade, and plenty of restaurants and places to relax with good service and fresh seafood. At the northern end of the beach surf boards, kayaks, and SUP are available to rent.

hoi an best beaches for families

An Bang Beach is the most popular beach in Hoi An, and is lined with restaurants and sun loungers. In An Bang, you’ll find a grassy lawn and comfy daybeds at Soul Kitchen, a playground and billiards table at La Plage, and a kiddie pool at The Deckhouse. If you prefer to stay away from the action, Sound of Silence or Barefoot Beach Club on Tan Thanh Beach are both suitable for families.

Cultural shows for families in Hoi An

Save an evening during your holiday to watch a captivating cultural show. Hoi An’s water puppet shows will delight children and parents with fun, easy-to-follow stories. Grab tickets to the Teh Dar circus show for an hour of gravity-defying stunts by some of Vietnam’s most talented acrobats, as well as wonderful costumes and live music. The Hoi An Memories Show is another evening art show that makes a splash with more than 500 performers.

TIP: Bai Choi, a Vietnamese folk game, is played along the river in the Ancient Town every evening after 7pm. Families can join the fun (English translation is available) and meet new friends in this classic Hoi An experience.

Basket boat rides in the nipa palm forest are a fun short activity and the perfect opportunity for a Hoi An family photo

Fun rides for families in Hoi An

Give little legs a break and take a ride around Hoi An. Basket boat rides in the nipa palm forest are a fun short activity and the perfect opportunity for a Hoi An family photo. In the Ancient Town, clamber aboard a cyclo to see the lantern-lit streets and old shophouses at a relaxed pace. Families can rent a wooden fishing boat near the market to cruise the Thu Bon River at sunset, or book a vintage sidecar to see water buffalo, duck ponds, and rice paddies up close.

TIP: Basket Boat Cafe is an outdoor cafe by the nipa palm forest. Come here for a delicious breakfast, then take a basket boat ride with local fishermen right from the cafe’s little dock.

Day trips and tours for families in Hoi An: Cham Islands

Day trips and tours for families in Hoi An

The Cham Islands are a fantastic destination for families that want to go diving or snorkeling on holiday. Join a day tour to the Cham Islands, or charter a boat for a more private experience. The Cham Island Diving Center offers highly rated diving classes and guided snorkeling excursions with English-speaking guides and instructors. On the islands, you can relax on lovely white-sand beaches and have your fill of fresh coconuts.

Adventurous families can plan a tour to Dong Giang

Just outside Hoi An, VinWonders is a Vietnamese amusement park packed with rides, slides, and shows designed to provide hours of fun. One ticket gives full-day access to all the park’s activities. Adventurous families can plan a tour to Dong Giang, a district near Hoi An, to visit fascinating ethnic villages and meet members of the Co Tu ethnic minority. Children who love art might like to spend a half-day walking around Tam Thanh Mural Village. Spot the colorful paintings hidden on the walls and homes of the fishermen, then go for a swim in the beach.

Exploring the Hoi An Ancient Town with children

Exploring the Hoi An Ancient Town with children

The Hoi An Ancient Town is one of the most photogenic attractions in Vietnam. The town was an important international trading port between the 13th and 15th centuries, and influences from Japan and China fuse with French and Vietnamese styles in the buildings, assembly halls and shophouses lining its narrow streets.

Families can take a stroll or a cyclo riden in Hoi An

Families can take a stroll or a cyclo ride after dark to see the lanterns strung up all over the streets and along the river. Early morning is another good time to visit the Ancient Town, when the streets are less busy, and the cafes, boutiques, and museums are just opening. Little ladies might like to pause for a break at Reaching Out Teahouse, and little boys will love a boat ride on the water after dark.

TIP: The narrow streets and sidewalks of Hoi An can be quite busy, and are not easy for walking with small children in tow. Ask your taxi or car to pick you up and drop you off as close as possible to the pedestrian-only streets in the Ancient Town to avoid walking on busy roads.

Cafes and restaurants for families in Hoi An

Cafes and restaurants for families in Hoi An

Eating out is always a big part of the fun of any holiday in Hoi An. Look for restaurants with a bit of extra space, such as Mango Mango in the Ancient Town, The Field Restaurant in the rice paddies, and Shore Club or La Plage on the beach. Along the Coco River, Caman Village and Coco Casa are both family-friendly restaurants with large gardens. Parents can take a breather at cafes such as Chic Chillax and The Hub Coffee, where an array of diversions will keep kids busy.

TIP: Grabfood works well in Hoi An, and can be useful for ordering pizza for dinner in, or some warm, delicious banh mi for lunch, without having to stand in line or take a ride into town.

family vacations in Hoi An

Practical tips for family vacations in Hoi An

Weather – The best time to visit is between March and September, when the weather is warm and ideal for exploring the countryside and islands. During the rainy season from November to February, parts of the Ancient Town may flood, and the beaches are not safe for swimming.

Transport – For a smooth arrival, book a private car directly from the airport in Da Nang to your hotel in Hoi An (about 300,000 VND or 15 USD). Once in Hoi An, Mai Linh taxis or Grabcar rides are the easiest way to get around. Ask your hotel for help to hire a car if needed.

Festivals – The Mid-Autumn Festival is a children’s holiday in Vietnam, and celebrated with lion dances, mooncakes, and glowing lanterns. During the Tet Lunar New Year many Vietnamese stay home and businesses close for a few days, so expect a quieter visit during this time.

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