Hoi An has always been a place to shop. Centuries ago, high-quality goods and crafts from Hoi An and all over Vietnam were brought to the Ancient Town, where merchants from all over the world came to buy these goods for sale overseas.
Today, shopping in Hoi An is a wonderful way to support local arts and businesses. When you buy from ethical brands and local craftspeople, your money contributes in a positive way to the communities of Hoi An. Here are a few unique ideas for Hoi An shopping lists.

Silk, linen, and cotton clothing - Hoi An shopping guide

Silk, linen, and cotton clothing

Hoi An has a history of silk weaving and tailoring, and its made-to-measure tailor shops will stitch you a new wardrobe in no time. For sustainable travelers, choosing to buy from sustainable clothing brands means that you know workers are paid a fair wage, and that the fabric treatment process is kind to the environment.

Hoi An-based brand Metiseko gets high marks for its gorgeous range of organic cotton and mulberry silk garments for men and women in patterns inspired by Vietnam. Visit Villagecraft Planet to try on natural hemp and indigo-dyed jackets and dresses made by ethnic minority artisans, or shop the racks at Gingko, a brand that prides itself on its organic and sustainable bamboo clothing.

TIP: Ladies looking for a fuss-free tailoring experience can check out LiMe Store, a small shop offering linen clothing at reasonable prices.

Sedge mat weaving - Best souvenirs to buy in Hoi An
Sedge mat weaving - Hoi An best souvenirs

Bamboo baskets and sedge mats

To carry all your shopping in Hoi An, a stylish bamboo basket is a must-have. While there are countless variations of bamboo baskets, a soft, collapsible basket with handles is easiest to bring everywhere. You can find bamboo baskets with turquoise hues at Sunday in Hoi An, or simple, country style baskets at HART Souvenir House on Nguyen Thai Học St.

To see how sedge mats are made in Hoi An, you’ll need to pay a visit to Cam Kim island, where locals practice this traditional art by weaving dried and dyed sedge grass on handheld looms. Once completed, these lightweight mats are a wonderful addition to the home. For the full experience, watch how the process is done and then choose your favorite mats directly from the weavers.

Ceramic tableware and cups - A guide to shopping in Hoi An

Ceramic tableware and cups

A visit to the Museum of Trade Ceramics will give you a sense of how popular Hoi An ceramics have been over the years. Choose from the beautiful bowls and vases sold at Thanh Ha Pottery Village or splurge on the gorgeous tea sets and coffee mugs sold online from Reaching Out Arts and Crafts – a social enterprise that employs people with disabilities.

Pottery lovers should go exploring at Nam Tran Pottery, a small store on Tran Cao Van St., holding an impressive collection of recovered ceramics from shipwrecks off the coast of Quang Nam, as well as many charming old and new pieces for sale.

TIP: Find out more about Hoi An’s compelling craft villages in this story.

Wood carving - Shopping in Hoi An
Wood carving - Best souvenirs to buy in Hoi An

Wood carving and upcycled decor

Kim Bong Wood Carving Village on Cam Kim island is known across Vietnam for having the most skilled woodworkers in the country and a history that goes back more than 500 years. Small wooden items such as miniature fishing boats and Buddhist statues can be bought directly from the woodcarvers at Kim Bong village.

Điêu khắc gỗ - Coco Casa Hội An

The art shop at Coco Casa Hoi An is picking up the thread of this story by bringing Hoi An’s tradition of woodcarving to upcycled and discarded wood pieces. Instead of using newly cut wood, the workshop gives old wooden items new life in the form of creative home décor. Coco Casa’s brightly painted animals, bowls, and trays will bring a touch of Hoi An’s cheerful tropical atmosphere into your space.

Spices - Hoi An shopping guide

Spices and sea salt from local plantations

Bring home some of Hoi An’s amazing flavors with edible souvenirs that you can keep in your kitchen. Shop in the Ancient Town for Hoi An’s signature chili sauce, an addictive blend of sweetness and slow-burning heat that’s perfect on homemade bánh mì; or Lao Leaf herbal tea made from more than 20 wild forest plants on the Cham Islands.

Quang Nam Province is also known for its healing spices, including cinnamon, ginseng and pepper. Check out the Hoi An Spice Company for artisanal sea salts infused with lime and chili, single-origin peppercorns, and cinnamon harvested from family-owned plantations in Quang Nam.

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