10 memorable souvenirs to bring home from Hoi An

Part of the fun of shopping on holiday is finding beautiful pieces that tell a story about your destination. Hoi An’s ancient shophouses are full of unique finds for travelers, if you know where to look. Here are a few of the best mementos to seek out and splurge on when in Hoi An.

Ethnic crafts

The ethnic minorities of Quang Nam are experts in weaving, and textiles made by women weavers are always rich in beauty and heritage. Shop for jackets, placemats, pillowcases, bags and clothing made by ethnic minorities at HART Hoi An.

Coffee beans

Recreate the atmosphere of Hoi An’s sidewalks with a cup of classic Vietnamese coffee. Specialty coffee drinks can source expertly roasted high grade arabica at The Inner Hoian Cafe, but for a traditional ‘phin’ brew, snag a bag of coarse ground robusta from Phin Cafe or FeFe Coffee.

Bamboo clothing

Light, soft, and sustainable, bamboo fiber is an ideal choice for comfortable clothes. Shop the racks of stylish Vietnam-themed shirts, crop tops, trousers, and other garments made from 100% organic bamboo at Gingko in the Ancient Town.

Silver jewelry

Both ladies and gents can appreciate the high-quality silver jewelry sold in Hoi An, which can be personalized for you, or found in fine and delicate pieces with Vietnamese motifs. Pick up something special to wear on your skin at Lotus Jewelry or Lotus Leaf Fine Arts and Jewelry.

Vietnamese tea

Few activities are more Vietnamese than sharing a pot of tea with friends and visitors. Bring a bit of Hoi An’s natural goodness home in the form of floral and herbal teas from Heal Organic Farm. If you prefer green tea and jasmine tea, Reaching Out Teahouse sells a small but excellent selection in the Ancient Town.

Spices and chili

The pungent turmeric, garlic, ginger, chili and pepper of Quang Nam plays a starring role in local cuisine. Snag a jar of the region’s smoky chili sauce to make banh mi back home, or buy naturally grown spices from local farms at OCOP House on Cua Dai St.

Clay ceramics

The renowned Thanh Ha Pottery Village is just one piece of the puzzle ceramic lovers can put together while in Hoi An. Browse vintage ceramics at Nam Tran Ceramics, admire new techniques at Xe Ra Mit, and reward yourself with hand painted tea sets at Reaching Out.

Art and photography

Hoi An has long inspired artists with its bold colors and disarming scenes. You can find compelling photo prints to grace your walls at Réhahn Gallery, as well as fascinating works by young Vietnamese artists at March Harbour Gallery.

Tailored threads

Get a new outfit to meet almost any specifications in just a few days with the help of Hoi An’s many adept tailors and seamstresses. Yaly, A Dong and Kimmy are three well-known places to go for a new wardrobe. When in doubt, the Vietnamese ao dai is an everlastingly elegant choice.

Sedge mats

Small villages along the Thu Bon River still practice sedge mat weaving, using all-natural materials grown on the riverbanks. Watch the two-person weaving process on Cam Kim Island, then choose one or two of these lightweight treasures to brighten your floors and help preserve this Quang Nam tradition.