Culture in Quang Nam

Quang Nam is bursting with treasures for avid culture seekers. Each wave of settlers and rulers left an impression in their own way, gifting today’s visitors with countless stories to uncover. Get to know the area’s ethnic minorities, tour ancient craft villages, step inside time-honored temples, and immerse yourself in the heartfelt rituals of life in the countryside. Read on for our favorite culture-inspired trip ideas.

How to experience Hoi An’s bustling markets as a traveler

Public markets, known as ‘chợ’ in Vietnamese, are the heart of communities in every town in Vietnam. In Hoi An, a place with a centuries-long history of trading and agriculture,…

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Top things to see, do, and eat in Tam Ky City

Quang Nam’s capital city is just an hour from Hoi An, but in Tam Ky, the sense of regional pride is stronger, traditional fishing culture runs deeper, and the ineffable ‘Quang Nam…

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10 memorable souvenirs to bring home from Hoi An

Part of the fun of shopping on holiday is finding beautiful pieces that tell a story about your destination. Hoi An's ancient shophouses are full of unique finds for travelers, if…

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A complete guide to seeing the best of Hoi An as a family

Hoi An has many elements for a memorable family holiday: enticing hotels, breezy beaches, beautiful countryside, fantastic food, cultural activities, and active adventures. What…

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