Culture in Quang Nam

Quang Nam is bursting with treasures for avid culture seekers. Each wave of settlers and rulers left an impression in their own way, gifting today’s visitors with countless stories to uncover. Get to know the area’s ethnic minorities, tour ancient craft villages, step inside time-honored temples, and immerse yourself in the heartfelt rituals of life in the countryside. Read on for our favorite culture-inspired trip ideas.

văn hóa Cơ Tu làng dân tộc Bhờ Hôồng Quảng Nam

Discovering Co Tu culture at Bho Hoong Ethnic Village

Only 70 kilometers from the tourist attractions in Hoi An, the Co Tu in Bho Hoong still live in rhythm with nature, following their ancestors’ traditions, and thriving as a…

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3 craft workshops for creative types in Hoi An

Many centuries ago, foreign merchants would come to Hoi An to trade goods and buy high-quality products from Vietnam to sell overseas. Vietnamese artisans moved to Hoi An and…

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5 fascinating museums for culture seekers in Hoi An

In a town that’s practically a living museum, Hoi An also has a handful of actual museums that shed light on its fascinating history and culture. Scattered around Ancient Town,…

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Amazing assembly halls of the Hoi An Ancient Town

Centuries after they were first built, five assembly halls still stand on the narrow streets of the Hoi An Ancient Town. These striking structures are the work of merchants and…

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