Even the rain adds to the charm of Hoi An. Time seems to slow down as bougainvillea trees soak up the refreshing drops, and mossy walls in Ancient Town take on a deeper shade of yellow. While it might not be an ideal day for the beach, there are still lots of ways you can experience this lovely city in the rain. See below for our favorite things to do on rainy days in Hoi An.

Explore assembly halls and museums

Ambling around the Ancient Town with an umbrella is a vibe. Visit this beautiful site and admire amazing details inside one of five gorgeous Chinese assembly halls, or find out more about Hoi An’s trading history, traditional crafts, and medicinal practices at fascinating museums. Most of these buildings are within five minutes from each other, and the cool air makes the short walk to the nearest museum or assembly hall more pleasant.

Treat yourself to a spa day

Raindrops on rooftops are the perfect white noise for a pampering spa treatment. A handful of outstanding spas scattered around Hoi An are loved by both locals and travelers for their use of natural ingredients and rejuvenating treatments. When it’s raining outside, take a warm Vietnamese herbal bath, loosen up your muscles with bamboo rollers, and let the massage therapist immerse you in a deep state of relaxation.

Join stimulating art workshops

From making traditional silk lanterns to painting masks and decorating your own ceramic vase–there are plenty of artistic and creative workshops in Hoi An for you to enjoy while waiting out the rain. Time flies when you’re busy playing with clay on a spinning table, or drawing and coloring a paper mask. What could be a better souvenir to bring home than a unique piece of art that you’ve made yourself?

Measure for tailor-made clothes

Hoi An is known for quality textiles and dedicated tailors with impressive turnaround times. Browse the many tailor shops around Ancient Town for silk, linen, or organic cotton and get a traditional ao dai or a three-piece suit made within 24 hours. Simpler garments such as a shirt or a dress can take even less time. And if the rain still hasn’t let up by then, custom leather shoes and bags are always just around the corner.

Sip on a Vietnamese coffee

A warm cup of coffee on a rainy day is one of those few universal comforts. Hoi An is full of hidden cafes that serve delicious coffees and teas in a cozy setting, where you can watch locals go about their day in colorful raincoats, or just enjoy a quiet moment in a leafy garden. Wrap your hands around a cup of aromatic ca phe sua nong (hot milk coffee) or a creamy ca phe trung (egg coffee) and let the drink work its magic.

Attend a yoga class

There’s something special about reconnecting with your body when it’s raining outside. The downpour separates you from the rest of the world and makes it easier to listen to your inner rhythm. Head to one of Hoi An’s top yoga studios and take a few mindful hours to stretch and release tension from your body. Rainy days are best for restorative or yoga nidra (yogic sleep) sessions as the fresh air helps you relax and allows deeper breaths.

Watch a bamboo cultural show

Learn more about Vietnam’s Central Highlands culture in Lune Production’s ‘Teh Dar’, an incredible bamboo circus made of thrilling stunts, embellished costumes, and live tribal music. Hosted inside a bamboo dome just steps away from the Ancient Town, ‘Teh Dar’ tells the story of ethnic tribes in the mountains and highlands of Central Vietnam and their way of life in an acrobatic show that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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