Quang Nam has adventures for every type of traveller. The coastline is sprinkled with beaches and islands, the midlands are carved by rice fields and rivers, and the mountains are thick with forests and hidden waterfalls. Not sure how to plan your holiday? Here are 10 must-try activities to inspire your trip.

Visit Tra Que Village - Top things to do in Hoi An Quang Nam

Experience countryside culture

The countryside is where you’ll find some of the most beautiful scenery in Quang Nam. Many people here make a living by farming, fishing or raising animals. If being surrounded by lush rice fields, meandering rivers, and vegetable gardens sounds enjoyable to you, then stay a few nights in Cam Thanh or Tra Que. Here you can wake up every day in nature, taste home-cooked dishes, and see local life up close.

Tour Hoi An's Ancient Town - Best things to do in Quang Nam

See Hoi An’s shophouses and temples

In the years when it was Vietnam’s only international trading port, Hoi An was where merchants, and settlers from all over came to trade goods. Some merchants, especially from Japan and China, built comfortable homes in Hoi An, and infused these buildings with architecture from back home. On a stroll in the Ancient Town you can see a one-of-a-kind fusion of these influences in shophouses, ancestral homes and temples.

Eat Quang Noodles - Hoi An Quang Nam Top things to do

Taste Quang Nam’s specialty dishes

Just like its architecture, foreign influences found their way into the kitchens of Hoi And and Quang Nam. However the real secret of local cooking is access to fresh ingredients from the soil, rivers and seas all around. These fresh ingredients are prepared with touches from other culinary traditions, creating mouthwatering and distinctive dishes. Savor your first bites of mi Quang, com ga, and cao lau on the sidewalk to see why Quang Nam is loved by chefs and foodies.

Visit Cham temples at My Son Sanctuary

My Son was once the spiritual heartland of Amaravati, the Cham Kingdom in Central Vietnam. These Hindu temples were built in a fertile valley by a series of Cham Kings from the 4th to the 14th centuries. When the Cham lost the territory of Amaravati, the temples were reclaimed by the forest, and later discovered by French archeologists. Although heavily damaged, My Son is a fascinating relic of Quang Nam’s past.

Cafe-hopping in Hoi An - Best things to do in Quang Nam

Relax and unwind in a local cafe

Meeting for coffee is a national past-time in Vietnam, so much so that each visit often lasts several hours! Hoi An is chock-full of enticing coffee shops. Check out a few of these during your visit to locate your favorite. In the Ancient Town you’ll find cafes old and new serving ‘phin’ filter coffee, coconut coffee, and espresso-style brews. Go a little further, and you can sip your coffee with views of the waves, rice paddies, or riverbanks. Perfect!

Ride a bicycle through the rice fields

Riding on two wheels between vast green fields — with flocks of birds crossing the sky and buffaloes flicking their tails — is a classic Quang Nam experience. It’s worth waking up early to catch the tender rice shoots in the first light and the sweet scent of rice in the wet earth. Don’t be afraid to explore unnamed roads and small paths that cut through the fields. You’ll be rewarded with picturesque scenes of duck ponds, tiled temples, and blooming lotuses.

khám phá Đông Giang - làng Bhờ Hôồng của dân tộc Cơ Tu

Meet Quang Nam’s ethnic minorities

The forested western highlands of Quang Nam where ethnic minorities such as the Co Tu, Xo Dang, Cor, and Gie Trieng have made their homes. Each group still keeps its distinct language, culture and religion. Join a community-based tour for a window into these communities. You can learn about crafts such as weaving and wood carving, or spend a night at a homestay in an ethnic village. You’re sure to come back with a story to tell.

Swim, snorkel and SUP at the beach

What’s a holiday without a few hours of sun, sea and sand? Stay a day or two on the Cham Islands, where you can snorkel or dive off a marine reserve teeming with corals and underwater life. Another easygoing option is to choose a resort along Quang Nam’s 125-kilometer sandy coastline. Close to the Ancient Town, the beaches in An Bang and Cua Dai are prime spots for soaking up the sun, swimming in the waves, and dining on fresh seafood.

Explore hidden lakes and waterfalls - Best things to do in Quang Nam

Explore hidden lakes and waterfalls

Quang Nam’s waterfalls are mostly still under the radar. If you’re the type that loves a trek in the forest followed by a refreshing swim, then save a day during your trip to explore Thac Grang, Giang Thom or the Suoi Tien waterfalls. Some falls are easy to reach while others take more effort. Pack a picnic and turn it into a day-long excursion into nature. Just be sure to wear proper shoes for climbing over slippery rocks and boulders.

Celebrate the full moon in the Ancient Town

Hoi An is known famous for the thousands of softly glowing lanterns that float above its narrow streets and wooden shopfronts. There’s no better time to appreciate the magic of Hoi An than on the night of a full moon. Walk the edge of the Thu Bon River and An Hoi Bridge to see the moon illuminate the tiled roofs of the Ancient Town. Join the full moon fun with a short boat ride, or sip tea by the river where you can watch the lanterns’ twinkling reflections on the water.