Nothing spells ‘holiday mode’ quite like a languorous breakfast with a lovely view, an extra pot of coffee, and a glorious day stretching in front of you. While most homestays and hotels in Hoi An treat guests to delicious morning meals, there may be days when you want to go in search of something special. Here’s our go-to list of favorite venues in Hoi An for breakfast and brunch.

By the beach

Who doesn’t want a breakfast by the beach? Ease into the day with the sound of the waves, soft light on the water, and salty sea air. On Tan Thanh Beach, Sound of Silence serves fruit crepes, omelets, and amazing coffee in a pretty beachfront garden. On An Bang, chefs at Shore Club plate up avocado toast and squeeze fresh juices for diners on the restaurant’s comfy daybeds.

On the sandy roads behind An Bang Beach, you’ll find more great options. Neighborhood hangout Thom’s Sourdough Bakery makes flaky, hot croissants, Bikini Bottom Express lures diners with pancakes, platters, and muffins, and Cosy Corner charms the crowd with friendly service and hearty Western breakfasts.

Local eats

The streets of Hoi An are full of energy in the early morning, as vendors dish up tasty bowls of noodles, friends gather in sidewalk cafes, and markets lay out colorful displays of fresh produce. You’ll find memorable bowls of noodles–bun bo, bun cha ca, pho, and mi Quang–at entrances to small alleys all around the Ancient Town, and on sidewalks near the markets.

For a pitch-perfect bowl of mi Quang, try Mì 92 on Tran Cao Van St., or grab a warm, moreish banh mi and a glass of fresh orange juice from Bánh Mì Khánh on the same road. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a bowl of red rice porridge from chao sellers on Thai Phien St., or have a bowl of Hoi An-style pho at Phở Tùng.

TIP: If you’re all about the pho, then treat yourself to the exquisite chicken or beef pho at Mai Fish, which comes with an array of sauces, herbs, pickles, and sprouts.

Healthy brunches

Supporting your body in staying healthy is easy when you’re in Hoi An. Gardens and farms all around the town supply sweet tropical fruits, wholesome nuts, clean chicken eggs, vibrant greens, and cleansing herbs. The colorful breakfasts at Rosie’s Cafe and its sister cafe Buttercup are heaped with tasty mushrooms, vivid pesto, creamy hummus, and smooth avocado, all much-loved by travelers for years.

A short ride from the Ancient Town, Good Eats has emerged as a favorite destination for standout breakfasts, with cheesy omelets, delightful smoothie bowls, and vegan coffee. Nourish Eatery is another top spot for health-conscious travelers. Come here for detoxing juices, warm oat porridge, and Hoi An’s best breakfast tacos in a chic, laidback setting.

Hidden gems

Looking for a place to hide out and spread out? The peaceful rivers, palm-fringed canals, and sweeping rice fields in Hoi An’s countryside create a tranquil setting for a leisurely brunch. Right by the nipa palm forest, The Basket Boat Cafe boasts perfectly prepared French toast and English breakfast. Tables are right by the water, so you can gaze at the greenery while you eat.

Out in the Cam Thanh rice fields, Tok presents one of the most stylish settings for brunch in Hoi An. From 11am, Chef Long’s kitchen turns out lemon pancakes, fluffy frittatas, shakshuka and more, all served with restful views of the rice paddies. Another little-known spot with enticing views is Coco Casa. Set along the Coco River, the restaurant offers a thoughtful breakfast menu and delicious coffee.

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