Coffee culture: Two wonderful words that take on a new meaning in Quang Nam. The narrow alleys, leafy riverbanks, and breezy shorelines in Hoi An are sprinkled with enticing cafes. Of all of these, the best are the ones that require a little help to find. Here’s a short list of our favorites.

Buttercup Cafe - Best hidden cafes in Hoi An

Buttercup Cafe

Buttercup is the definition of a hidden cafe. Tucked into a small alley is a wooden sign pointing you down an even smaller alley leading to a courtyard ringed with tropical plants. Apart from excellent robusta and arabica, Buttercup also serves colorful, healthy brunches.

Basket Boat Cafe - Hoi An's best hidden cafes

Basket Boat Cafe

This little-known oasis in Cam Thanh is a nature-lovers’ dream. Tables are set right on the edge of the nipa mangrove forest, with a full view of brilliant green palms. Try the Basket Boat Iced Coffee or the freshly squeezed fruit juices. You can even order a basket boat ride for two from the menu!

Espresso Station - Hoi An's best hidden cafes

Espresso Station

There’s nothing boring about the coffee menu at this local caffeine den. Espresso Station will delight sweet-tooths with its innovative blends, creamy white coffee and black lattes. More conservative drinkers can go for the cafe’s delicious cold brews and perfectly brewed lattes.

Sound of Silence - Best hidden cafes in Hoi An

Sound of Silence

You won’t get total silence at Sound of Silence coffeeshop, but the sounds you do hear will be the crashing waves on Tan Thanh Beach and wind rustling the coconut palms. This cafe and roastery serves amazing coffee at tables set right above the shore — what more could you want?

Hoi An Coffee Hub - Hoi An's best hidden cafes

Hoi An Coffee Hub

Blink and you’ll go right past the narrow alley leading to Hoi An Coffee Hub, a fun find just off of Nguyen Thai Hoc Street. The cafe’s mossy walls are decorated with caffeine-related quips, and the outdoor tables are set up just right for friendly chats.

Gieo - Best hidden cafes in Hoi An


You might not expect to find a cafe like Gieo in Hoi An. The owners of this serene spot have created their own world just steps from Tan Thanh Beach. Bring a book and take your time to admire the sensitive paintings, ethnic embroidery, and bamboo lanterns in this tranquil space.

Phin Coffee - Hoi An's best hidden cafes

Phin Coffee

A long-time favorite, Phin Coffee is the place to go for a light breakfast on weekends or a few relaxing moments. The garden atmosphere provides a shelter from the busy streets. Stop by for a break from sightseeing and refresh with a fabulous coconut coffee.

The Inner Hoian

Coffee enthusiasts will be captivated by the variety of beans on offer at The Inner Hoian. This cafe transformed an open-air courtyard just outside the Ancient Town into a modern coffee haven, with expertly roasted and brewed coffee from Vietnam’s best new farms as well as specialty coffee from other coffee growing regions of the world. If you fancy any particular batch you can sample it in the cafe before buying a bag to take home.

Xoai Macrobiotic Living

Xoai is one of Hoi An’s best-kept secrets: a homey cafe facing the tranquil rice fields in Cam Chau. The owner has taken special barista training to be able to serve her guests exceptionally smooth and balanced coffee. Savor a cup topped with fresh or plant-based milk as you take in the scenery from the cafe’s back porch or comfy sofas. You might even be tempted to stay for lunch.

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