Dining in Quang Nam is an absolute delight. The fertile ponds, paddies, seas and gardens all around supply the kitchens of Quang Nam with ingredients that are full of color and flavor. The fusion of these ingredients with Chinese and Japanese culinary traditions results in dishes found nowhere else in Vietnam. There’s nothing to do but sit down and enjoy. Get the inside scoop on what and where to eat right here.

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Where to go for dinner in Hoi An: A food lover’s guide

The best way to cap off a full day of sunshine and sightseeing in Hoi An, is to sit down to a satisfying and delicious dinner. There’s a reason why so many chefs love Hoi An: this…

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Hoi An’s top cooking classes for foodies and travelers

Behind every beautiful dish served in Hoi An is a wealth of wonderful stories. Communities of growers, hardworking vendors, dedicated cooks, and many other people are part of…

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Hoi An’s gorgeous vegetable and herb gardens

Every year in Hoi An and Quang Nam, a long rainy season drenches the soil, and fills the rivers and canals to overflowing. But after the rain dries up and the sun warms the earth,…

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An authentic DIY food tour of Hoi An

Though you can sample delicious dishes in the Ancient Town, to have a real local experience you’ll want to go where the locals go. The good news is that it’s not far away. Here’s…

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