Dining in Quang Nam is an absolute delight. The fertile ponds, paddies, seas and gardens all around supply the kitchens of Quang Nam with ingredients that are full of color and flavor. The fusion of these ingredients with Chinese and Japanese culinary traditions results in dishes found nowhere else in Vietnam. There’s nothing to do but sit down and enjoy. Get the inside scoop on what and where to eat right here.

Hoi An’s one-of-a-kind cao lau noodles

There are many magical lunches to be had in Quang Nam. But the first time you eat an amazing Cao Lau in the Hoi An sunshine, you’ll never forget it. The freshest, greenest…

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Must-try dishes in Hoi An and Quang Nam

5 Vietnamese dishes you must try when in Hoi An

Many vendors open for just a few hours a day. Each one will specialize in just one or two dishes, often made with ingredients harvested the same morning. After three hours, it’s…

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Best cafes in Hoi An - Hoi An's best hidden cafes

9 tucked away cafes you’ll love

Coffee culture: Two wonderful words that take on a new meaning in Quang Nam. The narrow alleys, leafy riverbanks, and breezy shorelines in Hoi An are sprinkled with enticing…

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