3 gorgeous vegetable gardens in Hoi An

Every year in Hoi An and Quang Nam, a long rainy season drenches the soil, and fills the rivers and canals to overflowing. But after the rain dries up, the sun warms the earth, and the most glorious flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs spring up all over the countryside. A visit to Hoi An’s vegetable farms is a wonderful way to get in touch with nature and explore local cuisine. Join us for a walk in three of Hoi An’s gorgeous vegetable and herb gardens.

Tra Que Vegetable Village

Tra Que is a small islet in Hoi An, and part of the Thu Bon River system. Brackish sea water together with minerals and nutrients from the mountains come together to make the soil of Tra Que exceptionally fertile.

Farming families

Locals in Tra Que have farmed this land the traditional way for more than 200 years, passing their family plots down through the generations. Tra Que is known for delicate baby herbs, which are cultivated, watered and harvested by hand.

Thanh Dong Organic Farm

Thanh Dong is the first organic farm in Hoi An. Here, 10 families have worked together since 2009 to make an eco-friendly vegetable garden in the Cam Thanh countryside, using only natural fertilizers and pesticides on their plants.

A good harvest

The farmers at Thanh Dong Organic Farm sell their herbs and vegetables to local groceries and sustainable restaurants in Hoi An. The farmers say working in a chemical-free environment has increased their income and benefitted their health.

Caman Village

Caman Village is a new organic garden and restaurant near the Coco River in Hoi An. Planted with an array of edible flowers, spices, fruits, herbs and vegetables, the garden is a source of fresh and beautiful produce for its kitchen and cooking classes.

Heat and spices

The hot tropical climate of Hoi An and Quang Nam is ideal for growing sharp spices such as turmeric, chili and pepper year-round. You’ll find colorful chili of all sizes in the garden at Caman Village.

Flowers for tea

Beautiful jasmine, butterfly pea, and rose bloom around the vegetable plots gardens at Caman Village. These are made into delicious, medicinal teas with healthy herbs and spices in the garden's outdoor cafe.

Visiting the gardens

Hoi An’s vegetable gardens and farms welcome visitors. You can visit Tra Que on your own or as part of a cooking class. To visit Thanh Dong Organic Farm, contact EMIC Travel for a guided tour. Caman Village offers cooking classes, coffee and local dishes every day in the organic garden.