Nature in Quang Nam

Nature is the star of the show in Quang Nam. The sweeping rice fields exhale a sweet, earthy scent in the mornings, the beaches beckon with glimmering water and gentle currents, and forests rustle with the sounds of waterfalls and bamboo leaves in the wind. Spend a few days in the Quang Nam countryside to fully appreciate its tranquil beauty. Get to know a few of Quang Nam’s best nature spots in these stories.

10 unique things to do in and around Hoi An

If you’ve strolled through the Ancient Town and splashed in the waves on An Bang Beach, you might think that you know what Hoi An is about – but chances are you’d be wrong!…

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5 memorable day trips from Hoi An for explorers

The ancient port town of Hoi An is a magnet for culture seekers, who love strolling its photogenic shophouses and assembly halls, and diving for treasures in its craft shops and…

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Looking for lotus in Quang Nam

Though many travelers know the elegant lotus as the flower of Vietnam, very few get to see lotus up close. In the summer, locals come from far away to take pictures with the…

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Discovering Dong Giang District

Don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of Dong Giang. Nestled in the hills of western Quang Nam, Dong Giang is one of the province’s best-kept secrets, brimming with waterfalls,…

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Click through the photo gallery to explore a little of Quang Nam's natural beauty.

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