However much storage you have planned for photos during your Quang Nam trip, double it. You will need the space. The ever-changing landscapes and the vivid colors of Quang Nam make this place one of the most photogenic destinations you will ever come across. Be it the striking facades of Chinese assembly halls in the Ancient Town, vast rice paddies dancing in the wind, or boisterous fish markets basking in the early morning light–a holiday in Quang Nam also means a stunning new grid for your Instagram. Don’t miss these 9 beautiful spots to snap a photo while you’re here.


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Phuoc Kien assembly hall

The largest Chinese assembly hall in Hoi An Ancient Town is a head turner. Walk through the hall’s sunlit courtyard to reach its three-entrance gate, where gorgeous red bricks and ornate tiled roofs have captured many hearts both online and in real life. During lunar new years or full moon festivals, the hall is decorated with silk lanterns and bright yellow chrysanthemums.


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Dong Giang tea hills

About an hour away from Hoi An are lush hills, mountains, and sceneries that few travelers ever knew existed in Quang Nam. Go for a walk along dirt paths that weave through lines of tea bushes and take in the epic view atop the hills. Afterwards, stop by a nearby tea farm to sample Dong Giang’s finest teas. It’s a save-to-highlight kind of experience!


Faifo Coffee

Here is where you will get that iconic shot of the Ancient Town from above. The cafe’s rooftop terrace boasts a panoramic view that takes you back to Hoi An in the 17th century. Rows of mossy tiled roofs, yellow walls, and hanging lanterns come together for a picture perfect moment. Order yourself a cup of Vietnamese coffee, settle in at a corner table and snap away.



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Tra Ly lotus lagoon

The Tra Ly lotus fields in Duy Xuyen District come to life every year from April to August, dotting the lagoon with gorgeous hues of pink. For a small fee, you can walk around the area and take as much time as you want to appreciate these elegant lotus blossoms. Visit just after sunrise to catch that perfect morning light on the water for an impeccable shot.


Sound of Silence Coffee

Spruce up your grid with some beach vibes. Sound of Silence Coffee occupies a small but dreamy stretch of sand on Tan Thanh Beach, one of Hoi An’s more quiet beaches. Enjoy a fresh coconut under the cafe’s lime green umbrella, or hop down to the beach and catch some waves. With scenes as lovely as this, who can scroll past without double tapping?


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Bay Mau nipa palm forest

A basket boat ride in Bay Mau forest is an essential Hoi An experience and a fantastic way to have an up-close encounter with nature. Sail past rustling nipa palms, peek at bamboo fishing traps, and visit traditional craft villages along the river. Don’t forget to bring a non la (conical hat) and ask for permission if you want to take a picture of local villagers.


Roving Chillhouse

There are many rice field cafes to choose from in Hoi An, but Roving Chillhouse is always among our top favorites. Rustic wooden decks perch right on the edge of rice paddies. Pastel pink and blue sunbeds sit so close to the rice you can smell its sweet fragrance. If you’re lucky, cute buffaloes and ducks may even pop up in the background of your selfie.


Tam Tien fish market

The morning Tam Tien fish market is every photographer’s dream. Hundreds of fishermen and wholesalers gather on the sand. Buckets of fish, shrimp, and squid rush to shore from basket boats bobbing on the water. Reach the market just before dawn to catch the action. At around 5am, the day’s first light covers the beach in a glorious golden hue.


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Bai Chong (Cham Islands)

White sand, emerald waters, lush rocky hills–Bai Chong on Cham Islands is the definition of an Instagram-worthy beach. On sunny days, the crystal clear waters make going for a swim simply irresistible. Unspoiled as it is, there isn’t much to do on this heavenly beach except splashing around, soaking up some tropical sun, and of course, posing for that ultimate beach shot.

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