Discovering Loc Yen Ancient Village feels like finding a well-kept secret. While the streets of Hoi An Ancient Town are full of visitors, the hamlet of Loc Yen – one of four Ancient Villages in Vietnam – is quietly tucked away deep in the countryside, where only a few adventurous travelers make the effort to go.
Here, life is intertwined with nature, and the ancient houses are so enmeshed into the lush landscape, it’s difficult to separate the two. If you’re interested to see a different side of Quang Nam, Loc Yen will give you a special look into the rural charms of Vietnam. Here’s a brief guide for travelers.

Rice fields in Loc Yen Ancient Village - Quang Nam Province

Loc Yen’s heritage and ancient houses

While we don’t know when the area around Loc Yen was first settled, it was during the late 18th that a resident from Tam Ky City brought his family to the area and founded a farming community in the Loc Yen valley. The village has been called different names over the years, including Loc An and Tien Loc. Today it’s simply listed as Village #4 in the Tien Canh Commune.

Ancient houses - Loc Yen Village - Quang Nam Province
Ancient houses - Loc Yen Village - Quang Nam Province
Ancient houses - Loc Yen Village - Quang Nam Province

Loc Yen was recognised as one of Vietnam’s national monuments in 2019 for its unique historical and cultural value. The village contains eight ancient houses, the oldest of which is more than 200 years old. These houses are classic examples of traditional Vietnamese architecture, with clay tile roofs and a central worship hall partitioned into three sections, and two wings on the left and right facing a communal courtyard. The interiors are built from jackfruit wood, which has been skillfully carved into thick columns, decorative panels and doors.

A magical setting for nature lovers - Loc Yen Ancient Village - Quang Nam Province

A magical setting for nature lovers

Locals in Quang Nam sometimes refer to Loc Yen as a ‘fairyland’, and when you arrive it’s easy to understand why. The houses in Loc Yen valley are gently staggered into the hillside, where they are backed by thick forests and face glowing green rice fields. Each house is surrounded by flowering gardens heavy with fruit trees and brilliant blossoms. Freshwater streams rush down the hillsides, making a soothing sound everywhere you go.

Flowers in Loc Yen Ancient Village - Quang Nam Province
Plants in Loc Yen Ancient Village - Quang Nam Province
Flowers in Loc Yen Ancient Village - Quang Nam Province

What makes Loc Yen different from other villages are the stone pathways that connect the houses with each other and the rice fields. The villagers used thin, flat stones to create borders that prevent erosion of the hillside during Quang Nam’s long rainy seasons. The ancient stone steps and paths are now enveloped by moss, tea bushes, and flowers. Walking down these paths under the shade of tall areca palms will make you feel you are entering a secret garden.

Top things to do in Loc Yen Ancient Village - Quang Nam Province

Things to do in Loc Yen

Take a tour of the Ancient Houses – Visit Loc Yen with a local guide who can help you understand the arrangement of the traditional houses, and ask questions from the owners who will be happy to tell you more about the craftsmanship in their homes.

Walk along the rice paddies and gardens – Follow the stone paths around the edges of the rice paddies to see how the villagers have designed their hamlet in harmony with nature. From striking flower bushes to families of ducks, everywhere you turn is another pretty picture.

Swim and relax at Lo Thung Creek – A short walk from the village is Lo Thung Creek. The large rocky boulders and cold mountain water makes this creek a delightful place to swim and refresh yourself. If you like, you can eat at the Lộc Yên Restaurant nearby.

Try Loc Yen’s famous tropical fruits – Loc Yen is known for its sweet fruits, which vary from season to season. You can buy juicy jackfruits, rambutans, lanzones, and pomelos at different times of the year, and enjoy them with a pot of green tea in the peaceful village atmosphere.

Tips for visiting Loc Yen Ancient Village - Quang Nam Province

Tips for visiting Loc Yen

Loc Yen is one and a half hours’ drive from Hoi An, or 40 minutes’ drive from Tam Ky City. For the best experience, go with a local guide who can guide you to and around the village.

The community in Loc Yên is planning to open a homestay to allow guests to stay longer, but for now the nearest accommodation is in nearby villages or Tam Ky City.

Take extra precaution if you plan to go swimming in the creek. Stay close to the shallows at all times and wear appropriate footwear for climbing over the boulders.

Be sure to be respectful of the locals’ daily activities and private property. Always ask before entering a home or worship hall, or taking photos of the locals.

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