Quang Nam has an extraordinary cultural heritage. From the religious heartland of the ancient Cham empire, to the multicultural influences in the trading port of Hoi An, to the ethnic minorities who settled in the western mountains, to the artisans who founded craft villages along the rivers, Quang Nam is a place where diverse ways of life flowed peacefully together, and still do. This mixing of cultures, together with Quang Nam’s exceptional natural beauty, make it one of Asia’s most appealing destinations for travelers.
Here, you can look forward to exploring much more than just the Hoi An Ancient Town. To help you see the best of the province, here are 22 compelling places all around Quang Nam.

Hoi An Ancient Town

The Hoi An Ancient Town has captured the hearts of visitors for centuries. Long ago, traders from around the region would spend months in the port along the Thu Bon River, buying silk, pottery, and spices to sell overseas. Influences from Japan and China can be seen in the architecture of the pagodas, assembly halls, and shophouses. Today, travelers love wandering the town’s colorful streets, exploring cafes and historical sites.

Quang Nam's top places to go: Cam Thanh - Hoi An

Cam Thanh

Cam Thanh is a beautiful area in the countryside of Hoi An. Surrounded by glimmering green rivers and canals, the land here is planted with vast rice fields ideal for cycling. Locals live in simple homes in villages surrounded by shrimp ponds, vegetable patches and gardens. The eastern part of Cam Thanh is the tidal mouth of the Cua Dai Estuary. Here, a large nipa mangrove forest provides a magical setting for eco-friendly basket boat tours.

Top places to go in Quang Nam: Cam Kim - Hoi An

Cam Kim

Cam Kim is a lush island within the Thu Bon River that boasts a rich tradition of craft villages and rural lifestyle. Much of Cam Kim is planted with green rice fields, but along the water’s edge, you’ll find Kim Bong Woodcarving Village – one of Hoi An’s great cultural treasures – as well as sedge mat weaving and boatbuilding communities. Ride a bicycle to explore the island’s laidback vistas, market and craft workshops.

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Best places to visit in Quang Nam: Tra Que Vegetable Village - Hoi An

Tra Que Vegetable Village

Tra Que is a wonderful destination for cooks and food lovers. Surrounded by water, the fertile land here yields delicate herbs and vegetables. Large tracts of land are planted into tidy rows of mint, lemongrass, basil and perilla, as well as countless fruit and vegetable plots. Cooking schools and restaurants on Tra Que will give you the chance to learn about local agriculture and taste delicious produce fresh from the soil.

Quang Nam's best places to go: Cham Islands - Hoi An

Cham Islands

The Cham Islands are a group of eight rocky outcrops across the sea from Hoi An. Hon Lao is the biggest island in the archipelago, and home to picturesque fishing villages and pristine beaches lined with coconut palms. Scenes of locals mending nets, fishing boats bobbing in the harbor, and lush rainforest are a part of everyday life on the Cham Islands. Under the water, beautiful coral reefs offer countless hours of diving and snorkeling.

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Top places to visit in Quang Nam: An Bang Beach - Hoi An

An Bang Beach

For locals in Hoi An, a day at An Bang Beach means a day of relaxation. This stretch of shore used to be a quiet fishing village. Over time An Bang has become a favorite spot for beachgoers. Restaurants tempt diners with fresh seafood, sun loungers, and iced coconut coffees. An Bang has hotels and homestays to suit every budget, and you can spend hours relaxing or trying water sports such as SUP and kitesurfing.

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Quang Nam's best tourist attractions: Tan Thanh Beach - Hoi An

Tan Thanh Beach Village

Tan Thanh Beach is an ideal destination for those who prefer peace and quiet. A short walk down from the busier shores of An Bang Beach, Tan Thanh Beach is lined with laidback cafes, boutique resorts, and cozy restaurants facing a near-empty stretch of sand. Families can rent stand up paddleboards or surfboards, while couples and solo travelers can unwind for hours on sun loungers, just a few steps from the water.

Top places to visit in Quang Nam: Thanh Ha Pottery Village - Hoi An

Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Thanh Ha is the heart of Quang Nam’s long history of pottery and ceramics. The area is named after the first families who moved from Thanh Hoa region in the north to settle in Hoi An. Using clay from the banks of the Thu Bon River, these skilled artisans produced jars and pots for overseas trade, tiles for houses and pagodas in the Ancient Town, and ceramics for the tombs of the Nguyen Kings. Visit the Terracotta Park museum to learn about the history of the village, then tour the family-run workshops to see pottery made using traditional tools and techniques.

Top tourist attractions in Quang Nam: Phuoc Kieu Bronze Casting Village

Phuoc Kieu Bronze Casting Village

The village of Phuoc Kieu has been casting bronze for more than 400 years. In the 16th century, settlers from the Lang Son region in the north moved to this area in Quang Nam. Bronze casters from Phuoc Kieu provided cannons and weapons for military leaders, bells and incense holders for pagodas, and gongs for ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands. Today 20 households in Phuoc Kieu still practice this ancient craft. Take a guided tour for an inside look into the process and the chance to meet local bronze casters.

Quang Nam's best tourist attractions: Thu Bon River - Hoi An

Thu Bon River

For many travelers, the waterway alongside the Ancient Town is all they will see of the Thu Bon River, but there’s much more to discover. A kayaking tour is the best way to get up close with the river and its canals, which are a source of food and income for local people. Paddle through lush islets, where women catch fish and crabs in small sampans, or take a wooden boat ride to visit craft villages set along this important river system.

Must-visit places in Quang Nam: My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary was the religious heartland of the Champa kingdom known as Amaravati. In the 14th century, 80 elaborate temple towers stood in this area, built from red brick and decorated with bas-relief sculptures and statues of Hindu gods and goddesses. My Son was heavily bombed during the American War, and many of the temples were destroyed, however several ruins have been restored and are open for viewing. Walking around this sacred site is an essential Quang Nam experience.

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Top places to go in Quang Nam: Tam Ky City

Tam Ky City

Tam Ky is the capital of Quang Nam province. Though it’s often overlooked on travelers’ itineraries, the city holds a wealth of insight into Quang Nam and may surprise you with its underrated historic sites. Top attractions include the well-preserved Van Mieu (Temple of Literature), the Vietnamese Heroic Mother Monument, and the 32-kilometer long Ky Anh Tunnels. Don’t forget to try Tam Ky’s delicious com ga (chicken rice) while you’re there.

Quang Nam's must-see places: Tam Tien Fish Market

Tam Tien Fish Market

The Tam Tien Fish Market is a scene that takes travelers by surprise. In the first light of morning, hundreds of fish sellers gather on the sand near Tam Ky. Round basket boats plow through the waves, carrying the night’s catch from fishing boats to the shore, where it’s quickly weighed, washed and sent to markets all around the province. Get there before sunrise to watch this amazing spectacle unfold, then eat a local breakfast from the stalls on the sand.

Best places to visit in Quang Nam: Tam Thanh Mural Village - Tam Ky

Tam Thanh Mural Village

Tam Thanh Mural Village is a quiet fishing village with one unique feature: many of its houses and walls have been painted with creative and colorful murals. The mural project was done in 2016 by a team of Vietnamese and Korean artists who wanted to help the town attract more tourists. Wander the lanes to admire the art, swim in Tam Thanh Beach, or stay overnight in a homestay to enjoy local hospitality and fresh seafood.

Top places to visit in Quang Nam: Loc Yen Ancient Village

Loc Yen Ancient Village

Tucked into the hills of Tien Phuoc District, Loc Yen is one of eight Ancient Villages across Vietnam. The first settlers here built graceful houses of jackfruit wood against the hillsides, and laid stone paths and borders to protect their homes and rice fields during the rainy season. Wandering the mossy paths, surrounded by rice fields, tea bushes, fruit trees and flowers, is a magical experience. Go with a local guide on a tour of the ancient houses.

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Quang Nam's top tourist attractions: Chien Dan Cham Towers

Chien Dan Cham Towers

Relics of the reign of the Cham empire can be found up and down the coastline of Central Vietnam. Just outside of Tam Ky City, the Chien Dam Towers are an amazing reminder of this ancient civilization. The towers were built in the 10th and 11th centuries, during the reign of King Harivarmadeva. The bases are decorated with sandstone friezes of dancers, elephants and battles. History lovers can admire more artifacts in a small museum nearby.

Top places to go in Quang Nam: Phu Ninh Lake

Phu Ninh Lake

Phu Ninh Lake is a vast reservoir of water seven kilometers from Tam Ky City. There are 30 islands within the lake, and on the banks, birds, mammals and reptiles make their homes in a large protected forest. Swim, rent a kayak or take a boat ride to soak up the lake’s peaceful scenery and cool breezes. Phu Ninh is a perfect spot for picnicking, camping and fishing, and there’s even a resort and spa for those who want to stay longer.

Dam River

Not many travelers or locals know about the Dam River, which makes this new eco-tourism site even more special. Families living near the river have planted large areas with lotus. Every year from April to September, the lotus surface above the water and bloom in beautiful hues of pink. Sampan tours are a delightful way to see the lotus in the Dam River up close. Go in the early morning when the lotus blossoms have just surfaced for an unforgettable experience.

Must-see places in Quang Nam: Bho Hoong Ethnic Village

Bho Hoong Ethnic Village

Across the Kon River, the small village of Bho Hoong is a rare and remarkable find for culture seekers. The village is home to a tight-knit community of Co Tu ethnic minority people, who still follow long-held Co Tu traditions. Spend a night in a Moong thatched house, dine on mouthwatering ethnic dishes, and learn all about Co Tu brocade weaving, basket making, and musical instruments. The best part of staying in Bho Hoong is the chance to make friends with the Co Tu and learn about their distinct way of life.

Quang Nam's must-see places: Dong Giang Tea Hills

Dong Giang Tea Hills

The gentle hills of Dong Giang District, 90 minutes from Hoi An, are planted with endless rows of tea bushes. This dreamy landscape is a welcome contrast to the coastal towns and plains around Hoi An. Dirt paths wind all over the hills, serving up gorgeous vistas at every turn. Spend a few hours walking the tea hills in the early morning, before the heat of the day, and take your time to appreciate the soothing scenery and wonderful views.

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Ky Anh Tunnels

The Ky Anh Tunnels in Tam Ky is a lesser-known spot with an incredible story. The entire tunnel system measures 32 kilometers, and was dug by local revolutionaries during the American War, between 1965 and 1967. Mr. Ta, a former soldier, will lead you on an insightful tour of the tunnels. See relics and photos in the visitor center, explore underground sections and hidden entrances, and see the names of the soldiers who lived and died here.

Tra Ly Lotus Fields

Hidden in the countryside of Duy Xuyen District is one of the most delightful scenes anywhere in Vietnam. Just one hour’s drive from Hoi An, these vast lotus fields start to bloom in April, and will be glowing with gorgeous blossoms until the end of July. For a small fee, you can take a walk through the lotus lagoons on narrow bamboo bridges. Nibble on fresh lotus seeds as you soak up this dreamy landscape, found only in Quang Nam.

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