Looking for lotus in Quang Nam

Though many travelers know the elegant lotus as the flower of Vietnam, very few get to see lotus up close. In the summer, locals come from far away to take pictures with the delicate pink blossoms as they carpet rivers and lagoons across Quang Nam. Seeing hundreds of lotus against a backdrop of mountains and forests, or rice fields and fishing traps, is simply unforgettable. Here’s how you can experience the lotus season yourself.

Lotus symbolism

The lotus is the national flower of Vietnam. Because the lotus grows from mud, and resurfaces each morning, the flower is considered a symbol of purity and optimism.

Blooming season

In Quang Nam, lotus flowers blossom every year from April to August. Quang Nam has many slow-moving rivers, ponds and lagoons where lotus plants thrive in the summer season.

Harvesting lotus

Local people in Quang Nam grow and harvest the lotus for their seeds, which are eaten and enjoyed across Vietnam, especially in Hanoi.

Lotus seeds

Lotus seeds sell for about 40,000 VND per kilo. The seeds are dried and candied, roasted, or used to make chè (traditional sweet desserts).

Where to go

If you’re in Quang Nam during the summer, don’t miss the chance to see the lotus in bloom. Just one hour from Hoi An by car, you can find vast fields of lotus in Duy Xuyen District, and lotus on the Dam River outside Tam Ky City.

Boat tours

Locals living near Dam River in Tam Ky have made an eco-tour for travelers. Using a small sampan, you can glide through the lotus flowers and leaves on the river. Tours at Dam River start around 7am, and cost 250,000 VND for a boat with up to three people, or 300,000 VND for up to eight people.

When to go

Early morning is the best time to see the beautiful pink flowers, just after they rise from the water. In Tam Ky you can glide on a sampan between the lotus plants while sipping a Vietnamese coffee. In Duy Xuyen, for a small fee you walk all around the lotus fields and take pictures at scenic huts and bridges, surrounded by lotus.