Hoi An has a way of encouraging health, through its nature, its rhythms, and especially its food. The area around Hoi An is bursting with beautiful, nutritious ingredients: fresh seafood and plump poultry, potent spices and fragrant rice, aromatic herbs and glorious vegetables. Of course, it takes a savvy chef to put these ingredients together into enticing dishes. Here’s a rundown on where to go for healthy eating in Hoi An.

Baby herbs from Tra Que Vegetable Village
Modern Vietnamese dishes at MUA


Eating the food that grows naturally in Hoi An will not only connect you to your destination, it will support your body in the climate of Hoi An and give you special insight into local culture. In the countryside you can sample amazing local produce while surrounded by rice paddies, rivers and vegetable farms.

The Field Restaurant will win you over right away with its captivating views of the rice fields of Cam Thanh. The menu showcases ingredients from nearby organic farms and the restaurant’s own gardens in dishes that celebrate the farming culture of Hoi An. Health-conscious foodies will also enjoy dining at MUA restaurant in Tra Que. Each day the kitchen prepares a menu of seven to eight novel dishes featuring high-quality regional ingredients. Take your time to savor each bite and hear the stories behind the lesser-known ingredients.

TIP: Thanh Dong Organic Farm, the first organic farm in Hoi An, offers cooking classes with a tour of their vegetable plots and lunch included.

Vegetarian food
Plant-based “fish” burger from Nourish Eatery in Hoi An

Plant-based dining

Vegetarian food is part of the culture in Hoi An and vegetarian restaurants are not hard to find on the streets of Hoi An, especially near the pagodas. Many locals eat vegetarian fare monthly on the day of the full moon, as well as to mark other lunar and religious holidays. Hoi An provides plenty of enticing choices for vegetarian meals.

On An Bằng Beach, try The Fisherman restaurant for local and international vegan dishes in a colorful setting right above the sand. You can find vegetarian Cao Lau, Mì Quảng and other local specialities on the large menu at Minh Hiền Vegetarian, or visit Bánh Mì Chay Hoi An outside the Ancient Town for a meat-free version of Vietnam’s famous baguettes. Not far from the Ancient Town, Nourish Eatery is a favorite spot for healthy breakfasts, vegan burgers, and cold-pressed juices.

Glow with Food at Cafe Nam Hai

Glow With Food is a new vegan menu at Cafe Nam Hai, set inside the five-star Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai. The menu was created with the concept of eating for color, and uses organic ingredients from the resort’s own gardens.

Fresh spring rolls from Miss Ly restaurant
Vietnamese bún thịt nướng

Vietnamese specialties

Most Vietnamese dishes are prepared from fresh ingredients and served with a generous amount of herbs and vegetables, making this one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. Don’t be shy about trying the dishes you see locals eating around town – usually they are fabulously fresh and come with a plate of greens that enhance both the taste and nutritional value.

As its humble name suggests, Mum’s Kitchen at An Villa focuses on Vietnamese home-cooking and family recipes. Come here for homemade drinks and to dine on spring rolls, Bánh Xèo, or Bánh Cuốn — a medley of sautéed mushrooms, carrots and tofu rolled in soft rice paper. Baby Mustard in Trà Quế Vegetable Village is another spot where you can dine on just-picked ingredients prepared in irresistible Vietnamese dishes.

TIP: If you’re in the mood for a special evening or lazy brunch, treat yourself at Coco Casa. The food is perfectly prepared and tables overlook the nipa palms and fishing traps along the Coco River.

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