It’s just a short drive from the international airport in Da Nang to the reception area of the Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai. As you arrive, the first thing you’ll notice is the canopy of tropical trees shading the gardens. The first scent you’ll inhale is pure lavender from a cold towel placed in your palms during check-in. The resort is home to one of the most highly rated spas in Vietnam, and for wellness seekers in Quang Nam, is an essential experience.
Whether you come for a few hours of indulgence, or check in for a full wellness retreat, chances are you’ll come away feeling deeply restored and refreshed. Here’s an overview of the wellness offerings that await.

Food at Four Seasons The Nam Hai - Best spas in Hoi An Quang Nam

Glow With Food

Eating healthy on holiday is not an issue when you are seated at Cafe Nam Hai, choosing from the restaurant’s new ‘Glow With Food’ menu. Using color-based eating as a link to nutrition, as well as organic vegetables and herbs grown in the resort’s own on-site farm, the vegan menu offers an array of thoughtfully crafted Vietnamese and international dishes that are tempting and at the same time, guilt-free.

Presentation at Cafe Nam Hai is always a treat, as the kitchen takes pride in offering meals that please both the eye and the palette. Afterward, you might like to linger over a wild Vietnamese tea from the ‘Ethical Cup’ menu of sustainably sourced beverages.

Spa treatments at Four Seasons The Nam Hai - Best spas in Hoi An Quang Nam

Inter-being Self Practice

The teachings of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh have resounded around the world, but nowhere is his legacy more cherished than in Central Vietnam. Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai infuses its wellness offerings with central principles taught by Thich Nhat Hanh, especially the notion of interconnectedness among all living and nonliving things. Explore this concept of inter-being through themed essential oils, meditation rituals, and reading materials provided in your suite.

TIP: After returning to your villa from a day of sightseeing, step into the outdoor shower and rinse away any stress while soaking up the natural elements all around: flowering trees, fluffy clouds, and sparkling sunshine.

Nam Hai Earth Song - Four Seasons The Nam Hai - Best spas in Hoi An Quang Nam

Nam Hải Earth Song

If ever there was an opportunity to let something go — stress, worries, fear — the moment may arrive you are deep in the vibrations of the Nam Hai Earth Song, the spa’s 150-minute signature ritual. Beginning with a cleansing smoke ritual using Quang Nam agarwood, the treatment segues into a slow and revitalizing body scrub. Afterward, you’ll be ushered into a warm bath filled with  lemongrass, mint, and lime, overlooking the spa’s serene lotus pond.

The treatment continues with a deep pressure massage, during which tuning forks are gently applied to strategic points on the body, sending soothing waves through the nervous system. To finish, the therapist will play the spa’s eight synchronized, quartz-crystal bowls for a private, immersive sound bath that will harmonize your body, mind and soul.

AntiGravity Yoga - Four Seasons The Nam Hai - Best spas in Hoi An Quang Nam

AntiGravity Yoga

Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai is the only place in Vietnam where you’ll have a chance to work with the Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock in an aerial yoga session. Beginners and non-yoga practitioners have nothing to fear: the sessions are calibrated to your level and progress step by step from gentle stretches to fun flying poses. The climax is a long inversion that will have you quite literally looking at the world from a different angle, as your spine and hips get fully elongated and decompressed.

Afterward, take the plunge in any of the resort’s three swimming pools, or go for an energy-clearing swim in the ocean.

For more about wellness at Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai, visit the resort’s official website.

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