Becoming a sustainable traveler is not about adding stress to your vacation planning. It’s about making small changes, small decisions, and small actions that — when done by many people together — add up to help instead of hurt your destination. Here are a few small actions you can take when visiting Quảng Nam, to ensure your visit leaves a positive impact.

Travel slower

Rushing through a new place is not the way to really enjoy it. Fast travel uses a lot of resources, creates pollution, and doesn’t lead to a deep understanding of the destination. Whenever you can, set aside time to stay a little longer: You’ll make richer memories and connections, and you’ll come home feeling more refreshed.

Learn the local customs

Nobody wants to offend others, but if we don’t take time to learn what good manners are in a new destination, we are bound to create discomfort for the people who live there. What you do at home may not be appropriate in the Vietnamese countryside. Learn about local etiquette before you go — then follow it.

Choose sustainable stays and tour operators

The biggest positive or negative impact of your trip will probably come from the hotels and tours you choose. Look for stays that follow best practices for waste, energy and water management. Pick tour operators that support local communities and are helping to protect nature.

Support local businesses and brands

The people who live in your destination are the ones who should benefit most from the money you spend on holiday. Think about how you can buy directly from artisans or brands that preserve local traditions. Try out homestays and restaurants that are owned by local families — you’ll love them!

Visit lesser-known areas

Some tourist sites are so well-known, they’re struggling to accommodate all the visitors they get. In top attractions, nature and resources are often put under heavy pressure. You can help by finding other beautiful and interesting spots in Quảng Nam, and spending some of your time and money in these places instead.

Pack reusable items and reduce plastic

It’s easy to reduce your plastic waste when you’re well prepared. Don’t forget to bring reusable bags for shopping. Pack your favorite water bottle or thermos and refill it throughout your trip to cut down on plastic bottles. Politely say ‘no’ to plastic packaging, straws and bags. We appreciate it!

Stay away from animal tourism

Unless you are 100% sure the operator is committed to the well-being of the animals, it’s better to avoid activities that use animals for entertainment, or that allow human interaction without clear boundaries. Animals are not meant to be in captivity. Choose excursions where animals are still free in the wild.

Live like a local

The best way to be a sustainable traveler is to immerse yourself in the local way of life, and don’t require the destination or the people to change to match your culture or expectations back home. Let yourself explore how it is to eat what the locals eat, relax the way they do, and enjoy what the destination has to offer.

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