Covid-19 entry requirements for travelers to Vietnam

UPDATED: September 2022

Since May 2022, travelers no longer need to show any Covid-19 vaccination or undergo any Covid-19 tests or quarantine to be allowed to enter Vietnam.

Within Vietnam, all destinations have fully opened up and the tourism industry is happy to welcome foreign guests again. Travelers do not need to worry about wearing masks except in busy public places such as airports, and can enjoy Vietnam’s beautiful nature, fascinating culture, and delicious food in full once again.

Read on for official Covid-19 entry requirements in Vietnam in 2023.

Vietnam entry requirements 2022Entry requirements

Vietnam’s Ministry of Health no longer requires travelers to show any Covid-19 vaccination certificate, or undergo any test or quarantine upon arrival in Vietnam.

Travelers only need to hold a valid visa to be allowed entry, as well as carry medical or travel insurance with a minimum coverage of 10,000 USD for Covid-19 treatment.

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Prevention within Vietnam

Travelers are still required to wear masks in airports, transportation terminals, and public places, but the locals are increasingly relaxed about wearing masks, especially in rural destinations such as Hoi An.

All travelers are requested to monitor their health closely within the first 10 days of arrival in Vietnam. Those who experience Covid-19 symptoms while within the country must call Vietnam’s health hotline (1900 3228) and follow the guidelines given by Vietnam’s health authorities.

Travelers who are concerned about their health and would like to be tested for Covid-19 can do so at any of Vietnam’s appointed health units around the country or at Vietnamese or international hospitals. Covid-19 self-tests are widely available from pharmacies across Vietnam and Quang Nam.

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Using the PC-Covid app

PC-Covid is Vietnam’s official medical declaration app, and is available for Mac and Android in English and Vietnamese. Downloading the app is optional, but it can be used to check for Covid-19 outbreaks in locations around Vietnam, declare domestic moves such as flights within Vietnam, and to submit health declarations online.

The app will save your personal information the first time you enter it, so you will not have to fill out forms completely each time you declare your health.

  • Download the PC-Covid app on Google Play here.
  • Download the PC-Covid app on the App Store here.

Vietnam travel restrictions 2022Vietnam’s 5K Policy

Vietnam’s Ministry of Health encourages travelers and locals to follow these five guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19:

  • Keep a safe distance from others
  • Declare your health on the PC-Covid app
  • Wear a mask when out in public
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Avoid gatherings of large groups

Masks and hand sanitizer are easy to find throughout Quang Nam Province. To avoid creating unnecessary waste, bring or buy reusable masks that you can wash and wear again.