By Sylvain Calac
Since my arrival in Hoi An in 2016, I fell in love with this Garden of Eden and the Cham Islands. Through my underwater photos of the Cu Lao Cham Archipelago, I share and transmit my passion for nature and environmental protection. Many people are not aware of the wonders of the fauna and flora of the underwater world in Vietnam. My photos are my way to help them discover the beauty and fragility of the nature here.
What fascinates me about diving in Cu Lao Cham is the very calm and magnificent aspect of this archipelago of islands. The coral reef is magnificent with a palette of several colors, and we see a very diversified marine life. For example we have five species of clown fish, as well as crocodile fish, trigger fish, Maori snapper, and huge schools of fusilier, and even whale sharks which pass by quite often.
There are about ten dive spots in the Cham Islands, each one very different from each other. The best conditions for diving are from March to October, when it’s the dry season in Central Vietnam. Don’t hesitate to come and dive with our team at Cham Island Diving and share our passion.

Sylvain Calac is a master PADI SCUBA diving instructor and underwater photographer. Sylvain is part of the team at Cham Island Diving Center, a trusted diving and snorkeling company in Central Vietnam that shows travelers the best of the spectacular coral reefs surrounding Cham Islands.