Discovering Quang Nam

Quang Nam’s varied regions all present unique landscapes and experiences for travelers. Within just an hour or two from Hoi An, you can explore amazing lagoons filled with lotus flowers, ruins of ancient empires hidden in the forest, hillsides carved into rows of tea bushes, fishing villages bright with eye-catching murals, vast rice fields, dramatic mountains, gorgeous countryside, and much more. Find the best places to put on your list right here.

Quang Nam is accessible via two airports, as well as railway and highway.

Quang Nam is the only province in Vietnam with two World Heritage Sites.

Quang Nam is the birthplace of the Vietnamese alphabet, called ‘quốc ngữ’.

The name ‘Hoi An’ means ‘peaceful meeting place’.

The Cu lao Cham Archipelago is listed as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

The highlands of Quang Nam are known for high-quality cinnamon and ginseng.

Places to go

Check out some of the amazing locations that await you in Quang Nam.

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