Weather in Quang Nam

Quang Nam’s natural scenery takes on a different character at different times of the year. Each year after the rainy season, the countryside all over Quang Nam bursts into color and life. The province has just two seasons: a dry season lasting from the end of February until late September and a rainy season that begins in October and ends in early February.

Here’s an easy guide to the climate and weather in Hoi An and Quang Nam.

Traveling during the dry season

If you want to enjoy Quang Nam’s islands, beaches and national parks, then the dry season is the best time to plan your vacation. From late March, the beaches are calm and warm enough for swimming, and the weather is perfect for outdoor excursions.

Temperatures heat up to the mid- and high 30s in the middle of the year. During this time it’s best to plan your outings in the early morning or late afternoon. Take extra precaution if you are outside in the midday heat, and be sure to stay well hydrated.

TIP: Hoi An’s photogenic cafes are a great place to wait in the shade during the afternoon, until the heat cools off around 4pm.

Dry season in Hoi An - Weather in Hoi An and Quang Nam
Dry season in Hoi An - Weather in Hoi An and Quang Nam

What to pack

Light, loose, natural fabrics are the best wardrobe to pack for Quang Nam’s summer days. Don’t forget your hat and sunscreen, flip-flops for the beach and comfortable walking shoes.

Traveling during the rainy season

Many tourists still enjoy visiting Quang Nam during the rainy season. During this time the tourism attractions have fewer visitors and between storms there can be beautiful, windy days with bright sunshine.

October is the month with the most rain, more than 20 days. The weather during this time is mainly wet, and some days it may feel quite cool with winds coming off the East Sea at around 20 degrees. You might like to take a wellness break, or sign up for cultural excursions and culinary activities during the rainy season.

TIP: A great idea for a rainy day is to enjoy a relaxing massage in a local spa, or to explore Quang Nam’s fascinating museums.

Do note that flooding often occurs in the Hoi An Ancient Town during the rainy season.  The rain reaches its peak in October with the average days of rain at 21 days of the month with around six days in February and four days in March.

If flooding does occur, Quang Nam authorities and your hotel will warn you in advance if this is the case. The flooding does not usually cause long-lasting damage and is cleaned up pretty quickly.

Rainy season in Hoi An - Weather in Hoi An and Quang Nam
Rainy season in Hoi An - Weather in Hoi An and Quang Nam

What to pack

Bring a waterproof bag if you are planning to cycle or ride a motorcycle for long stretches. Umbrellas and raincoats are essential during the rainy season. If you find you need more warm layers, stop by the tailors in the Ancient Town to get a custom-made jacket or cardigan.

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