Coco Casa Vietnam

You may be surprised on your first visit to Coco Casa. Jellyfish lanterns float above brightly painted tables. Wood carvings of peacocks, elephants and birds line the shop shelves. Lanterns and sofas are covered in an eye-catching patchwork of fabric scraps. The breeze blows in from the Coco River, where birds rest on nipa groves and small sampans motor up and down.

Coco Casa has an inspiring mission to complement its festive design and delicious menu: The shop up-cycles driftwood, fabric and other materials to make art objects and one-of-a-kind decor. Coco Casa offers wood carving and painting workshops for anyone who wants to practice their creativity on repurposed materials. The restaurant and art shop hope to encourage locals and visitors to see the value in reused waste items.

Green Travel in Quang Nam

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