The Field Restaurant

Perched on the edge of a vast rice paddy field in Cam Thanh, The Field spoils diners with views of both the river and rice paddies. The tables come with a front-row seat to a vibrant vista of rice shoots stretching to the horizon. Take a look at the menu and it’s easy to see that the kitchen is inspired by local farms. Wild ingredients and organic produce are the star of The Field’s delightfully rustic and tasteful dishes. Late afternoon is the perfect time to stop by, as the sun sinks over the river and cool breezes sweep across the rice paddies.

The Field is proud of its commitment to zero-waste operations. The kitchen reuses its organic waste to make dishwashing liquid and compost, and finds creative ways to recycle its non-organic waste in a closed-loop system. The restaurant also educates its staff in sustainable practices and hosts events that showcase the cuisine and culture of rural Quang Nam.

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